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10 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Park Model Home Floor Plan


    We shared with you some ideas for park model homes in a post we published recently. In that article, however, we didn’t get to discuss some key considerations when choosing a plan for a tiny home.

    To assess your own needs, it is essential to ask the right questions. Now let’s review some of these questions.

    1. What is the number of people who will be living in your house?

    You should consider how many people are going to live in your park model house. Remember to include pets, as well as future modifications (i.e. You should consider having children in the future.

    There should be enough room to accommodate everyone’s daily needs, including sleeping and doing their activities.

    2. Is the new house going to be in your backyard or a nearby park?

    A good question is to consider where the house will be located. It will benefit from a floorplan with lots of windows, especially if it is on your land and you have beautiful views. The Woodland Park Timber Ridge Denali is a great example.

    Imagine gazing out at the view from those massive windows, whether it be of mountains, deserts, or even sea!

    You might choose a design with less large windows if you plan to place the house in a park for mobile homes, such as Palm Harbor Lodge Pacific.

    This type of house offers more privacy, while still allowing for plenty of light.

    3. Where will you live?

    Are you planning to move into a hot climate? You can also reduce your energy bills by creating a cross-breeze with an open floor plan and windows that are positioned so you create the breeze.

    4. Is someone going to work at home?

    You might consider an arrangement that incorporates a second room or loft that could be transformed into a home-office if you or others will be working from home. This will allow you to focus on your job even when others share your home.

    5. What is your level of privacy?

    In a tiny home with your family, you need to find a good balance between personal privacy and community living.

    According to how you and your family relate, you may want an open-plan design or a more enclosed one.

    Our Woodland Park Front Kitchen is a great example of an arrangement that achieves a balance between both:

    The loft is characterized by a wall that has two windows in place of the railing. This allows for an open communication between the living room and bedroom upstairs when needed. When loft occupants want to have more privacy they can draw curtains over the windows.

    6. What is your level of accessibility?

    There are now many lovely non-lofted Park Model Homes with bedrooms downstairs.

    The popular Woodlands Vault model shown above. These layouts are perfect for people of all ages, including seniors and those with disabilities.

    7. How much space do you need for your household?

    You and your household members should consider what daily activities they want to engage in. Do not neglect your hobbies. You’ll need space to accommodate at-home work and school work.

    Are you a fan of preparing elaborate meals in a spacious kitchen? Would you like a space to do yoga, dance or other activities in the living room? You may want to create a flexible room for your hobbies or crafts.

    8. How much space do you need?

    Before moving into tiny houses, some people drastically downsize. However, not everyone who lives in a tiny house is minimalist.

    You will need to choose a layout for your park model that has enough storage space if you plan on bringing many possessions into the tiny house.

    The Woodlands Vault Lofted or Non-Lofted Models, with their extra storage beneath the raised floor of the living room are particularly recommended.

    This configuration accomplishes both. This configuration gives you space to store large and unwieldy things.

    Second, you can keep these items hidden and out-of-sight. You can then enjoy living in a tiny home that is clutter free.

    9. What percentage of your time is spent indoors and what percent outdoors?

    Choose a small house with an expansive porch to maximize your outdoor area. It will provide shade and shelter. Our Athens Champion APH-527 Mono-slope is a great example.

    10. You need a place to host guests?

    When choosing the layout of your park model house, you should also ask yourself if you plan to host guests.

    It is easy to seat your guests on a large porch. If you want more space, consider designing a home that is centered around the indoors.

    Make sure to consider the sleeping arrangements for guests who will stay overnight. This is an excellent reason for you to get a model home that has a spare loft room or another space.