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6 Easy Tips for Keeping a Tiny Home Clean


    It helps to be armed with a few cleaning tips if you are looking to get your tiny home cleaned as quickly as possible. Following these simple guidelines will make cleaning your small home easy.

    1. Get a small house that’s easy to maintain.

    You may not believe it, but your tiny house choice can impact cleaning and daily tasks.

    The Woodland Park Timber Ridge Kennedy Park Model Home has a unique feature which makes it easy to clean.

    Look at the wide, open hardwood flooring that extends from the end of the house to the opposite.

    No need to vacuum and clean carpets. Daily, you only have to quickly sweep your house from back to front. On rare occasions, mop the floor. You can keep the floors clean in this home with just a couple of minutes per day.

    2. Organise your tiny home.

    A tiny house can be kept clean by having everything organized and in the right place.

    Some people urge tiny house dwellers to adopt a minimalist lifestyle—but that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. And, thankfully it does not have to.

    Every room of the Woodland Park Timber Ridge Woodlands Vault has plenty of storage. Keep your belongings in a cabinet to prevent them from becoming dusty and reduce your cleaning time.

    This photo shows one of the Woodlands Vault’s most unique features—a set of pull-out storage compartments that run underneath the raised sitting room floor.

    You can easily see that these compartments work well for bulky items used for outdoor sports. These compartments are not only useful for storing bulky items you might use outdoors, but they can also be used to store any dirty gear you may have from activities such as hiking, kayaking or gardening. This way you don’t bring in dirty sports gear, toys, tools or yard supplies.

    3. Tidy your tiny house as you go.

    When it comes to cleaning your tiny home, you may be tempted to “set and forget”. The small space seems to be a good thing.

    You would be amazed at how fast cleaning jobs can accumulate in a tiny space. Try to keep them in mind on a regular basis. It will be a big difference if you spend just 5-10 minutes each day doing quick tasks. Once you have made it a part of your routine, you won’t even notice it anymore.

    4. Stock up on cleaning products.

    Your tiny home will be easier to keep clean if you have the right tools.

    It is especially worth buying a compact, lightweight, high-quality vacuum cleaner, if your house has carpeting (in the attic, for instance). Consider a model with attachments and an extended extension. This will allow you to reach all corners of your home.

    5. The wrong cleaning materials can be harmful.

    There are also some cleaning products that you may not need in your tiny home. Avoid buying bulky items that are cumbersome, large and not used often.

    You may ask yourself, “Do you really require a bucket when mopping the floor?” It’s unlikely. It’s not something you will do very often. When you need to, you can use a spray with soapy water and let it run on the floor. You will also save space by not using a bucket.

    6. Don’t track in dirt.

    You can keep your house neat by being aware of what you bring in.

    If you live in a Park Model Home, all of the rooms are relatively close together, and most foot traffic is concentrated along a handful of key paths.

    This means if someone enters your house wearing muddy shoes the mud gets everywhere quickly.

    Below we explain some simple ways to resolve this problem.

    Put a small mat inside your front door, so people can use it to wipe their feet. Double up on it—put a second mat on the porch just outside your door if you can. The entire household should wipe their feet on mats prior to entering.

    Even better, ask people to leave their shoes on the floor just outside the door or place them in a bin or cubby.

    Clean up any dirt, mud or debris as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading.

    Some of our park model homes also include another solution—a second door in the back hallway right near the bathroom.

    The door allows quick and easy access to the restroom, which is perfect for those times when you can’t clean the area around the door. If you are a gardener or do lots of yardwork, we recommend this layout. It is also good for families with children and pets.

    Purchase a park model home that’s easy to clean

    Follow the advice in this article to help you keep clean your tiny home.