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A Mobile Log Cabin with a Cozy Interior for only $36,000


    Star Log Cabins has a variety of cabins to choose from. Star Log Cabins offers the Classic Cabins Series. Star Log Cabins offers a wide range of pre-fabricated log cabins. Star Log Cabins maintains high standards when it comes to the quality of materials that are supplied.

    It offers an excellent, useful kit for Classic Series Log Cabins. This kit contains all of the necessary materials to construct the cabin as well easy-to follow assembly instructions. They are easy to assemble, either by yourself or with friends or family. Or, you can even hire a contractor. You can choose how much work you do. If you only want to work on part of the project, you can do this. This will save you some money.

    Log cabin kits come in many layouts, with different sizes and floor plans. It is the classic log house that has been used by them for years. This cabin is customizable. They will assist you in building the cabin of dreams. Cabin shells cost approximately $36,000 and range from 16 feet to 36 feet in length. For $56,000, you can purchase a 16-foot-by-50 foot shell. Ted’s Sheds is also offering a wide range of camping and campground cabins. They are the ideal extra storage.

    Star Log Cabins provides log cabin kits which include the white pine prefabricated logs required to construct your log home. The metal roof will also last for many years. The kit includes a door made of steel with a big window. Also included are two vinyl windows that measure 4 by 4. Additional items are available as an optional purchase. If you select one of these kits, then the interior finish will be your responsibility. Due to their high thermal mass, log homes are not only a beautiful, energy efficient home but also a very sustainable one. The logs used for construction are made from sustainable trees, which leaves the old-growth forest intact.

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