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Cottage Pantry Organization Makeover


    There is one spot that I haven’t yet tackled in the guest cottage – the very scary “pantry”. The pantry doesn’t quite fit the description, so I put it in quotation marks. It’s one of two tiny closets in our little 600 sq ft guest cottage. Because we are limited in storage, I tried to use every available inch. The pantry was ready to receive guests during the holiday season. It needed a makeover to organize it.

    small kitchen with gray cabinets, dark wood floors and vintage refrigerator

    I turned to one of my go to online shopping spots for kitchen and pantry accessories – The Home Depot! They partnered up with me for this project and I am so glad they did. The store had not only all the building materials needed for me to create this pantry, but also everything I could have possibly wanted. Then they had all the organizing materials! Home Depot offers everything needed to host guests during the holiday season. You can find everything from extra towels, bedding and kitchenware to help you prepare all the delicious food that will be served. It’s great that they offer easy returns in-store.

    kitchen with open pantry closet with gray cabinets

    Here’s a quick look at the Before you begin, please read the following:…plywood shelves and empty cans are not exactly welcoming to guests.

    old wood closet with plywood shelves

    After! Ahh, so much better! It’s not only beautiful but also contains all of the little appliances that our guests need for a comfortable stay.

    pantry with appliances and wicker baskets

    First, we had to demolish the old shelves. I removed all the plywood shelving and painted everything.

    empty white closet

    The walnut shelving was cut down to size for this particular closet. These shelves are so much nicer than plywood, and go well with the walnut-colored flooring.

    small pantry with appliances and baskets

    It was now time to get organized!

    It’s a pantry that also doubles as a mudroom and linen closet. It’s amazing how many parts you can fit into a tiny space. The Home Depot has some excellent storage solutions. There were baskets in all sizes and shapes that would fit any room.

    closet with wicker baskets and boots

    For flip flops, I chose larger baskets at the bottom. The beach towels are also perfect for this space.

    pantry wire baskets

    The wire baskets that I have stacked are great for kitchen storage or snacks.

    kitchen pantry with baskets and microwave

    Above I chose smaller baskets that could hold additional sheets sets and toilet tissue.

    pantry with vintage looking microwave and tea kettle

    This summer we had some guests in our cottage and this was an excellent opportunity to test out what we were lacking. The microwave was at the top of our list. Retro-styled, this microwave is a perfect match for our vintage fridge.

    shelves with small appliances and baskets

    Last year, we bought a combo toaster/air fryer instead of an oven (also at The Home Depot), but we realized that a smaller toaster would also be useful for morning toast.

    Cusiniart toaster oven air fryer sitting on black counters with white backsplash

    Once again, I chose the cute vintage vibes on this electric kettle and toaster.

    shelves with mug rack and tea kettle and toaster

    This wood peg shelf is perfect for kitchen towels and coffee cups. It’s possible to organize in a way that is both functional and beautiful.

    small kitchen pantry with microwave and baskets

    It’s so exciting to cross this project off my list of holiday projects! The Home Depot will provide everything our guests need. Below you can find all of the products that I used.

    small cottage kitchen with wood chairs and gray cabinets