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Guest Cottage Living Room


    This is the living room of the guest cottage. This has turned into the most cozy little place. This week, the biggest difference (besides having running water – whooohoo!) was that it became a cozy little space to hang out. Furniture!

    The Guest Cottage Living Area

    white walls, gray trim, leather sofa, jute rug living room space

    Charlie, for example, is glad that the days of his using a dog bed are gone. Now he can take his comfortable couch back. Preferably on top of a blanket or pile of pillows – such a diva!

    lake house living room space with leather sofa and small white fluffy dog sitting on it.

    Let’s take a look back at the BEFORE –

    A room filled with furniture and a large window

    AFTER –

    Guest cottage living room decor with white walls dark wood floors leather couch and jute rug

    Article is a fantastic partner. The article was a great partner. Sven Charme leather Sofa The perfect fit for our cottage. The chaise is a great place to relax and it’s the perfect size for small spaces. It would be nice if the fluffy little dog wasn’t there all the time.

    Article sven leather sofa in a small living room with white walls and jute rug

    Online sofa shopping can be a bit nerve-wracking. The quality and comfort are excellent. This leather gets even better with age. The color is so warm and adds a lot of warmth to the space. Leather will also be very useful in the event that we rent out this apartment. This couch really ticked all the boxes.

    Article leather sofa with black end table

    The space looks almost completed, but I still need to receive one of the throw pillows that you see in my design board.

    leather sofa with throw pillows and textured ottomans

    This art by Deb Presutto is amazing. Not so pleased with the reflections on these photos. It never occurred to me that I’d complain about the amount of sunshine in Michiagan during fall. They look amazing.

    Small cottage living room with white walls, leather sofa, jute rug and ottomans

    Head over to my small office. This is a two-step journey but I was determined to get the best out of it. It’s been better than I could have imagined to be able to work from the guesthouse.

    small wood desk with cloth office chair and ladder style shelf

    The quiet area where I work is perfect for me. I don’t get distracted by laundry and dirty dishes. I love having my desk right in front of the window, and everything is organized.

    small cottage office space. Wood desk cloth chairs and ladder style bookshelf

    The shelves are a great addition to the cottage look and provide plenty of storage. The lower shelves are where I keep boring tax and contract information. This is a big deal for Mr. as I usually have all kinds of tax information around the house.

    dark wood floors, small desk and cloth chair with ladder style desk chair

    The small size of this desk allows it to easily fit under the window. This small desk does not block out the water views from my sofa. This happens every once in a blue moon, so I bought a desk chair that was comfortable. If you believe it, this one came from Staples. It’s super comfortable and I really like the look of it too – which was a tough find.

    Guest cottage living room with white walls and leather sofas and ottomans.

    When they arrived, I fell in love instantly! It’s a beautiful pattern. Ottomans can be a great accent for a smaller space. These ottomans are perfect for putting your feet up, or serving as extra seating.

    Leather sofa with ottomans and blue throw pillows

    The space looks great!

    Guest cottage living room with white walls and dark wood floors and leather sofa.

    The kitchen also got a wall hanging and a rack.

    Guest cottage kitchen space. White walls wood floors black cabinets and dining space.

    black wall rack with vintage art and scarf and hat

    In the future, I would like to add some accessories and personal touches. It’s the perfect place to hide or work from my children. It’s like an improvised she-shed. I can’t wait to have guests over.

    Small living room and kitchen space with white walls dark floors and black glass cabinet.