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How Do You Do Laundry in a Tiny House?


    Moving into a smaller house might make you think about doing laundry in a laundromat.

    You may be surprised at how simple it is to wash your clothes in a tiny house.

    Some people who think about moving to a small house assume that they will have to drastically reduce their wardrobe.

    This is not true. The right tiny home design will allow you to store all your clothing.

    The Features of a Tiny Home that Make Laundry Easy

    1. The washer/dryer.

    Our recommendation is to use a washer-dryer unit that can be stacked. In many of our layouts, there is a space in the hallway behind the kitchen between the downstairs bedroom and the upstairs bedroom that’s specifically designated for the stackable unit.

    Ventless or vented designs are available for washers and dryers. Ventless models are great for reducing humidity, but take more time to do the job. You will have to decide which is best for you by weighing their pros and cons.

    2. The hall closet.

    This large closet, like the one shown in Champion Athens, APH 518, can accommodate your laundry detergent, hamper and other items. You could even store the dryer and washer in it.

    3. Large sinks.

    Choose a tiny home with a huge sink for the kitchen or bathroom if you frequently hand wash your clothes. You may not have a big communal basin to wash your clothes if you live at a park for tiny houses. Then you would have to use the sink in your home. At first it may seem impossible, but once you get used to the idea, this will become a reality.

    4. The bedroom has ample storage.

    Last but not least, you’ll need to find a space for all of your clothing. During the early stages of tiny home design, it was common to see tiny homes without any kind of closet. Tiny home designs have improved in this area.

    All of the bedrooms on the lower level in our Park Model Homes have double closets that are spacious and feature chests of storage between them. Barn doors that slide open make it simple to get into the closets and not take up any of the space available in the small bedroom.

    Above you can see the Champion Athens APS 601 in action. This bedroom is a good example of a downstairs room with some additional space. You could install more drawers in the space where there is currently a bedside table to store more clothing.

    Tip for Laundry in Tiny Houses

    It’s now clear what can help you when doing your laundry or storing clothes in your tiny home. We’ll now go over some tips to make your laundry more manageable when living in a small house.

    1. Open windows.

    When you have a limited space to work with, moisture control can become a problem. You can avoid mold and mildew problems by staying on top of the situation.

    When you use a vented washer or dryer, rather than a model without vents, you should open the window to allow any moisture in your clothes to escape. It is especially important to take this step in humid environments.

    Mold should be checked regularly in the home, particularly around the laundry. Remove it immediately if it is found.

    2. You can dry your clothes in the shower.

    Some garments cannot be dried in a dryer. Some clothing, especially delicate items, should be drip dried instead.

    When you’re moving to a tiny-house park, it might be easy for you to think you can hang the clothes out on a line. Many parks prohibit clotheslines.

    You can easily dry your clothes by letting them drip in the shower. After they have stopped dripping you can dry your clothes in any convenient place at home.

    3. Continue to wash your hands.

    When you find yourself in a situation like the one above, it can be overwhelming to dry your clothes if you are trying to keep a lot of things out of the dryer.

    If you do most of your washing in one go, it is still a good idea to wash and dry items by hand as you use them.

    This way you can only wash a few items and they will dry faster inside.

    4. Instead of hanging clothes, roll them up.

    There is plenty of room in the spacious closets provided by our Park Model Homes to hang your clothes. What if you own a large number of garments?

    You can fold your clothes in the same way Marie Kondo would.

    Simply install some open shelves with a low profile inside the closet and place all folded clothing inside. It will amaze you how much space it saves. This does not take much longer than simply hanging up your clothes.

    It’s possible that this method will allow you to avoid hanging anything. You will have plenty of space to hang a few things in the middle.

    This way, even fashionistas who live in tiny homes can still enjoy their favorite clothes.