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Lake Cottage Landscaping Plans


    This is the day I’ve been looking forward to all summer! The dirt was a great experience! guest cottageIt is my favourite thing to do. Over the past few days, I’ve spent all my time landscaping. Well, more accurately landscaping my arms off…but 70 some odd plants and 22 bags of mulch later things are looking good! It was great to have the help of everyone at Walters Gardens. The landscaping was done to my satisfaction. The Proven Winner plants. The majority of the yard in our home is under the sun, and I am not familiar with plants that are best for areas that receive shade. The staff was so helpful in figuring out what I needed.

    white cottage with fall mums

    There have been a few inquiries on Instagram regarding planting like this in September. Michigan’s fall season is one of the best times to plant. Plants can adapt better to the colder temperatures and the soil is more fertile. Everything should look beautiful in spring. Can’t wait to see you! I can’t wait!

    white cottage with shady landscaping

    We’ll do some before and after actions before I reveal all of the plant names.


    white house siding remodel


    best plants for shady areas

    sun garden with catmint russian sage and juniper

    Oh, I love looking back at these old photos!

    Lake Cottage Landscaping Plans

    Here is the landscape plan Walter’s Gardens created for me. It lists the different plants. It’s easier to compare the plants I chose this way. This is very close to the original planting. We changed a couple of things based on what was available.

    Lake Cottage Landscaping Plans



    A plant in a garden

    A pile of green plants


    An exterior white house with a door and window

    A dog sitting on an outdoor couch

    The green was my base color, but I also wanted to add a few purples and some pink. We made some great choices.

    Lake House Landscaping Plan

    A garden with water in the background

    The sun garden was added to the new gravel driveway. The roadside view is a huge improvement. The Catmints, Junipers and Russian Sage will grow tall in the coming years and eventually cover our ugly utility pole.



    A house with bushes in front of a building

    A large purple flower is in a garden

    A close up of a garden

    The patio is a perfect place to add some purple mums.

    lake house with gray french doors and mums

    Charlie couldn’t stop himself either. He loves “his” office.

    The landscaping has made a big difference. I have more plans for window boxes, exterior lighting, house numbers and other things. These Proven Winners will be beautiful in a few years.