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Making the Most of Your Park Model Home Spot


    It is not a previous post We talked about where you could place your park model house, such as RV parks or mobile home parks or on private land you own, or that you plan to acquire.

    You may also find that a site has already been reserved for a park-model home.

    Instead of discussing the best place to put your Park Model Home, this article will concentrate on the ways you can use the space you already have.

    1. Pick a design that complements your site, and prioritize views or security as required.

    Consider the location and its impact on your daily life when choosing a park-model home. What questions should you ask?

    • Do I get privacy or are there neighbors nearby?

    • Is the scenery picturesque?

    • How would you describe the weather?

    A model such as the Athens Champion – APH 527 with its large windows will be ideal for areas that require privacy and scenic views.

    If you will have neighbors living near your home, a model with more enclosures like the Athens 531, may suit.

    Champion Athens APH-531 - Exterior

    This model with a sloped roof would be ideal for sites that get a lot rain or snow.

    2. You should try to place your home in the shade.

    Try to place your home under some shade, if you can. You can select from multiple locations, but choose one with trees or high walls of rock or other sources of shade during certain hours of the day.

    3. Face your windows in a way that they are not facing the sun.

    If you want to stay cool in your park model, position the windows so that they are not exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day.

    By doing so, you can prevent your windows from acting in the same way as the walls of a glass greenhouse. They will trap heat.

    4. Orientate your home to take in the beautiful views.

    You should consider repositioning your home in a landscape that allows you to enjoy the beautiful view every day.

    5. Wind is a natural way to cool down.

    Here is our Timber Ridge Everglades. This home has large openings and windows that allow for a cross breeze.

    In some places, the wind is often blowing in one direction. This may happen if your location is near the ocean.

    You can choose to place your house in a manner that will allow the wind to blow through it from side to side.

    6. The right foundation is important.

    When it comes to the park model home you are planning, another thing that needs consideration is your foundation.

    It is important to consult your local authorities to learn about the rules that apply to foundations of park models.

    You may have only one foundation option in some situations. Other times, there may be multiple foundation options. At this point, you will need to take into account the specifics of your site, as well as the plans you have and any needs you have.

    7. Make your outdoor area functional by adding privacy plants or fences as necessary.

    We’ve focused our attention on the way that your choice of site, as well as your orientation on the terrain can impact your interior living space. What about outdoor areas?

    Landscape your garden to make it the best you can.

    You should start your search for a park by reading the rules.

    If you can take the necessary steps within these rules to improve your privacy it may be worth doing.

    Most newcomers are shocked by how closely they are living with their neighbors and how their activity is visible to others.

    You can create a secluded environment on your porch, or in your backyard by using a fence and some bushes as privacy screens.

    Enjoy Your Park Model Home Site

    Our recommendations are now complete! You can make the best of your site by taking time to choose your orientation and to spruce up your outside space. You will love the small life, whether you live in a park for mobile homes or on private property.