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Saying Goodbye to The Lily Pad Cottage


    It’s about that time where I typically share all my fall decor and I’m all hyped up on pumpkin spice lattes and itching to break out my boots but…

    The secret I kept this summer was a very big one. You may already know the answer if you are a follower of mine on Instagram. It’s hard to believe that we will be saying goodbye, but it is true! I know, pick your jaw up off the floor with the rest of our neighbors, who can’t believe we are moving (including my parents) either. But I think you will be really excited when you hear about the new adventure we are about to begin…

    Which I haven’t told you yet. 😉

    A view of a living room

    You can throw me things, but I’m waiting until the end of everything (next Friday) before I spill any beans. I promise you that it is killing me – just ask the Mr. or my mom, I have basically known every gift I have ever gotten, because I can’t deal with the suspense of surprises.

    It is bittersweet because we’ve invested blood, sweat and tears in this home. This house also brought me you all. I started blogging just to share the little decorating projects I was doing after we moved in here with family and friends. Never did I imagine that anybody other than my mother would be reading it. It’s amazing that you have all stuck with me through my ridiculous DIY projects and other shenanigans. This blog has truly become such a fun creative outlet for me, turned hobby, turned dream job and I’m grateful for all the sweet comments and emails you have encouraged me with over the past 4 years.

    This house is almost finished! When you have little DIY work to do it is hard to keep up a blog. I’m excited to start a brand new project. It’s going to be so fun to blog from beginning to end (well, like it really ever ends) and be able to share every single paint color, fabric swatch, and light fixture source with you. I’m really hoping you are ready to come on the next part of our journey with me. You can be sure I’ll be posting a lot because I have so many design choices, projects and progress pictures to share. I cannot wait!

    Although we love our home, I am sure that some may wonder why we are leaving. We have learned that the layout/space could have been better as our children have grown. Having little man in my belly and a 3 year old when we designed this house we didn’t keep in mind what would work for our growing family of 4. It was something that we slowly began to realize over the last 12 months, but had never imagined that a house would appear which would meet all of our needs. This whole decision has been such a God thing for us and we have truly felt His hand through this whole process. It is hoped that the new home will grow along with us as we enter our teen years. The new place will hopefully grow with us through our teen years (eek!)

    You can’t even walk two steps in our home without running into a large box containing all of our worldly possessions. This house feels a bit sad. My eyes itch from the clutter and I’m torn between wanting it all gone and feeling weepy. Here, want a fancy fall home tour complete with hastily shot iPhone photos?

    A messy room

    No mums, no sunflowers. Just piles and heaps of mess. Sad empty rooms. If you do need a little fall inspo you can check out my tour from last year here.

    A room filled with a large window

    My kitchen is down to the essentials, lunch boxes, water bottles and wine…have you ever seen my shelves styled so beautifully minimalist? Tupperware chic anyone?

    A kitchen with a stove and a refrigerator

    So stay tuned as I will be sharing the whole long story soon, I’ll just leave you with the fun fact that you should never take me to an open house just for fun…the Mr. learned that the hard way 😉