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Take a Look Inside This Stunning Handcrafted Log Home in Colorado


    The Colorado log house is beautiful and handmade. A Colorado family built the log cabin after taking two Colorado ski vacations per year. The family decided to move permanently to Colorado. After searching the entire state, they finally found the 40-acre property in Pitkin County. Although they knew the move to Colorado was still years away, they went back to Florida to make their plans for a log home. Beth spotted a log home on the cover of an online log-home mag. Montana Log Homes located the cabin they desired. The logs are made from the lodgepole pin that is left standing. They ski-peel the logs to remove their bark but keep the cambium inner layer. Lanny & Beth went to Kalispell Montana for the design of their log house.

    They modified the floor plan to fit Pitkin County’s building code. Log house dining room and kitchen have been combined in one large open area. The kitchen island is finished in the same stone that was used for the fireplace. The fireplace and cathedral ceilings were designed into the great room. They converted an open porch that was part of the kitchen to a sunroom due to Pitkin County’s house size restrictions. It does not add to the total area.

    This log home’s great room is located on the second floor. The attached garage with two cars and the two French doors on the deck of level 2 are the only ways to access it. The owners designed bedrooms in the log home and a recreation room for teenagers. This log home has a game room for the family, two bedrooms and small kitchen. On the lower floor, there are two bathrooms. The log home is the residence of their two sons. The two bedrooms at the opposite ends of this long hallway, which also has a TV and a bathroom on the third level are not only cosy but very comfortable.

    Gabe Butler of Montana Log Homes of Colorado was selected by the family to be their contractor. The same crew built the log home on the cover. Butler said that the log exterior was something they wanted to buy. The home had three-story bay windows with gingerbread-shingled eaves. Also, they needed the same hardware used on their hammerbeam trusses. To make these, they had to work with a fabricator of steel.