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These Amish Barn Homes Start at $11,585


    Amish Barn Foundation is used to build this tiny house. Amish Buildings’ “Hi-Loft Porch Barn”. Alternative building styles have gained popularity because of their rustic appearance and affordable price.

    Barn houses are useful for many purposes. You can use them as storage, or sell them to another person as a house. You can also add additional bathrooms, kitchens and even another apartment to your building at a later date.

    The Miller Hi-Loft Porch Barns have all of the quality features that are found in their Hi-Loft Barns, but they also include a porch which is eight feet wide. As standard, the Hiloft Porch Barns are 16′ wide and come with both a loft as well as stairway. A curving staircase leads from the loft to the landing. Hi Loft Porch Barns are available in 24′ widths.

    The gallery is below.

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