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What to Expect When Ordering Your Park Model Home


    Park Model Homes will make moving into your custom-built tiny house a breeze. What to expect when you first place an order, through the day of your arrival at your new home.

    1. Order your product.

    Fill out the simple form to begin.

    2. Customize the look of your house by selecting finishes and features.

    The ordering process will allow you to personalize your new home. This includes choosing finishes, appliances and electrical options.

    Standard features of our homes include:

    • Exterior walls and flooring with 16-inch centers

    • Fiberglass-insulated heat ducts

    • Vinyl-insulated Windows

    • The full house wrap is an energy saving measure

    • Walls and ceilings coated with tape and texture, rounded corners

    • Cedar trim and optional wainscoat available

    • 90-inch sidewalls

    You can choose from a variety of optional features, including:

    • A porch

    • An electric fireplace

    • Cabinets that are upgraded

    • Floor R30 insulation

    • Ceiling R24 insulation

    • A stackable dryer and washer

    Here you can see a complete list of customisation options.

    3. Join the queue to enter the building

    Our park model factories have high demand, so there will be a waiting period of 6-9 months while your order is processed.

    It is important to start the process at least 6-9 months prior to moving into your home.

    You can place an order immediately. If so, we will look into the queue to give you an estimated wait time.

    There are several things to consider during the wait period. It is not clear how to do this. Sometimes you may be able to make small changes to an order. Be aware, however, that not all orders will allow you to make changes.

    It is also important to prepare the site in advance of your arrival. Make sure all the utilities are ready, including water and sewer. The land you plan to build the home on should also be level.

    4. Your tiny house is now under construction.

    Construction of your tiny house begins once you are at the head of the queue. Prefabricated park model homes offer an unmatched level of precision, quality and control.

    5. As the construction process progresses, you will receive regular updates.

    We will keep you updated with photos and video so that you can see your house being built.

    6. Select a firm to assist you in the setup.

    As you await the completion of construction, you may choose to hire an organization to aid you in setting up your new site.

    7. Your home will be delivered by us.

    Park Model Homes can arrange for delivery to be made at the time and date that suits you.

    8. Installation begins as soon as your home is delivered to you.

    The big day is finally here! The big day is finally here!

    9. Enjoy your new park model home!

    You can now move in to your house by opening the front door! You can choose to bring in your own furniture, but we also offer a turnkey service that includes all the necessary furnishings.