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Where Can You Put a Park Model Home?


    The park models and tiny homes were designed to be easily portable. Many people buy a house today and decide where they want to place it the next day. It’s my home, so I could put it anywhere.

    There are actually two important reasons to start planning where your new home will be located early on in the process of buying:

    1. Some tiny homes cannot be located in certain locations.
    2. You can begin to think about the home features that would complement your chosen location once you’ve decided on where it will go.

    You Should Ask Yourself These Questions

    You should ask yourself the following before shopping for your tiny house:

    • Would I prefer to live on a private property or in a communal area?
    • Which state or states would I like to be able live?
    • When do you plan on moving again?
    • Where do I wish to reside?
    • What is the privacy of your location?
    • What type of weather can I expect in the future?
    • Which local and state codes should I be familiar with?

    Why is it easier to place a park model home than a “tiny house”?

    We suggest you shop for a park model home and not a tiny home—and the reason is simple. Because park model homes adhere to building codes, they are safer and easier to regulate than tiny houses.

    There isn’t a standard legal definition of a tiny house.

    As a result of this, they are often not classified as “homes” and in some cases, may be banned by certain municipalities. They are often turned away from RV parks and mobile homes.

    As a park-model home is classified as an RV by law, it can be placed in more RV and mobile parks. Most municipalities also have less restrictions about where they can be located.

    What Are Some Places You Can Put a Park Model?

    Let’s discuss the different types of areas where you can put a park-model home.

    1. RV Parks or Mobile Home Park

    You can live in an RV, mobile home or park model home if you choose. You might only have a few options if you lived in a tiny house. In a model park home you will have a lot of options.


    • You can easily find a place to rent your Park Model Home.
    • The land is already prepared. There are utilities already installed.
    • Private land uses are exempt from building codes.
    • If you ever need to, you can move to another park.
    • It will be easy to get acquainted with your neighbors. They may even become friends. You may also be able learn how to live with less waste.


    • Some RV parks are not welcoming and stable.
    • The privacy of RV parks is severely limited.

    Useful Park Model Home Features

    Choose a house that has good privacy features, if you are going to be living in a RV park or mobile home community.

    It might make sense to choose a home that has smaller windows.

    Champion Athens APH-531 - Exterior (Illustration)

    One option is the two-bedroom Athens 531, pictured. Consider the Athens 506 for a rustic style.

    Champion Athens Model APH-516 - Exterior Model

    A park with high-quality soundproofing can also enhance your privacy.

    2. If you are a new homeowner or have bought a home, your current property will be considered as your primary residence.

    If your municipality allows it, you can also place a model on your own land. This could be placed on land that already has a full-size house as an add-on or guesthouse, or on land purchased specifically for this purpose.


    • It is all yours and you have control over it
    • You can stay there as long as you own it. As long as it is yours, you can remain there.
    • There is more privacy in the park than there would be at home.
    • You might be able to enjoy picturesque views depending on the location of your land.


    • Before you move onto your land, it may be necessary to install utilities.
    • The land you want to buy will require financing.

    Useful Park Model Home Features

    Take advantage of the scenic views you can enjoy if there is a lot of open space around your home. You can choose a Timber Ridge Denali park model, which has huge windows and offers amazing views.

    You can also buy a house with a large porch, like the Athens 522. This will allow you to fully enjoy being outdoors.

    The Location and Features of Park Model Homes

    Consider these other factors when choosing the right park model:

    • Moving to a warm climate? Select a home that has ceiling fans, as well as windows which you can easily open.
    • Putting your home in a cold location? Consider a high-quality home.
    • If the area where you will live gets a lot of precipitation, pick a home with a sloped roof that will shed rain and snow.