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Woodland Shell Log Cabin Costs only $37,000 Looks Great Inside …


    Coventry Log Homes designed this stunning Woodland log house. Coventry Log Homes is a New Hampshire-based building company that specializes exclusively in log homes. Coventry Log Homes is a company that has enjoyed great success for the last two decades. More than 60 log models are available, in addition to sheds garages and house additions.

    Virtual tours that take you to the company’s mill for processing logs allow you to see their designs. View the log house plans and see how they are constructed.

    The Woodland Log House is an attractive and simple design in the Cabins series. The 1140-square-foot unit is ideal for weekend retreats or a smaller home. Two bedrooms are included, as well as one bathroom. This house has a loft where you can host your guests or work. The house is able to accommodate up to 6 people in comfort. This kitchen can be altered to fit the client’s needs. Warmth is provided by the wood-walled walls in large living rooms.

    This model features a patio that is perfect for enjoying the outdoors. It has another benefit, you can relax on the lounger and sip coffee while enjoying your outdoor oasis. This log home is easy to set-up anywhere and fits in with any setting.

    The natural temperature regulation of log homes makes them ideal for rural living. The logs also act as purifiers, resulting in healthier air.

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